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The Aerospace Medical Association’s 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Atlanta, GA, USA. This year’s theme is “Optimizing Human Performance via Selection and Training.”


Aerospace Medicine rests on a foundation of traditional clinical medicine but goes well beyond. Selection standards are largely based on threats and risks to operational tasks at hand.  Training for operators and controllers on physiologic limitations and countermeasures has been a mainstay of optimizing performance. Protective equipment (technology) and Rules of Engagement (policy) add extra rigor in further enhancing human performance.  But selection and training are “before the bang,” that is, prior to the actual need for maximum performance.  

This year, we seek unique or novel combinations of medicine, engineering, physiology, psychology, nursing, and social sciences that better select and train individuals for maximum performance, both within the aerospace world and from other “operations” that have high-performance demands.  Individuals and groups outside of aerospace medicine may offer successful solutions, approaches or perspectives that could be leveraged by aviation or space operations for optimizing performance.

The Deadline is November 1, 2019!


Rules for Submission

  1. Read the Call for Submissions.
  2. Character limit is 2500 for Abstracts and Panel/Workshop overviews; 150 characters for Titles.
  3. Single sign-on is available for AsMA Members. Non-members will need to create an account.
  4. A Conflict of Interest Form is available on the site. This must be downloaded, filled out, and uploaded back to the site. Panel co-chairs will need to complete this offline and email it to the Primary Chair.
  5. Follow the templates posted on the site.
  6. Only one Slide (16:9 PowerPoint format) or Poster may be ENTERED by the same person. (Submitter = Presenter.) You can change the type of abstract and edit it at any time.
  7. Only 2 MOC questions are required. These questions must relate directly to your presentation.
  8. Panel and Workshop chairs, YOU are responsible for coordinating with your speakers and linking their presentations to your overview. You can do this by inviting them to submit. They will provide your email in their submission. You will receive a copy of the email with their tracking ID number when they have submitted. You can then search for the abstract and link it to your overview.
  9. Panels should have 5 but no less than 4 abstracts to allow for robust discussion at the end of the session. For Grand Rounds and Clinical Case panels, there must be 6 presentations per session. Any panel not having at least 4 linked abstracts will not be considered (except for the RAM Bowl and Ethics Panel).

For questions or constructive suggestions please contact Pam Day at pday@asma.org or the 2020 Scientific Program Chair, Nic Green at sciprog@asma.org.